Our pediatric dentists near Fort Lee NJ specialize in providing comprehensive dental care for children, right from their very first dental visit until their late teens. This ensures children will see someone who truly loves treating kids and who will know exactly how to relate to them, making it easy for them to understand their dental care and to learn about the importance of good dental health.

Paediatric Dental Services We Provide For Kids In Fort Lee NJ

Kids Dentistry in Fort Lee NJ Our children’s dentist in Fort Lee NJ can offer treatments for tongue-tie and mouth ulcers, as well as for gum disease treatment as even kids can develop this condition. We also offer more specialized advice on oral habits such as thumb sucking and can provide mouth guards to prevent sports injuries.

By bringing your child to one of our specialized pediatric dentist in Fort Lee NJ, you can be sure they will be receiving specialized care focusing on their particular needs and which will go beyond the services offered by a general dentist.

Specialized Pediatric Dental Care Advice

Much of the dental care provided by pediatric dentist will focus on disease prevention. This is accomplished through regular dental checkups, including risk assessments for cavities or tooth decay. You will find our pediatric dentist in Fort Lee NJ offer a more personalized advice on brushing and flossing for very young children, and as they get older we can instruct them on how to clean their own teeth effectively, providing them guidelines that will stick with them for life.

Other treatments by our specialised kids dentist involve diet and nutrition recommendations as well as regular cleanings and fluoride treatments to keep young teeth strong and healthy. As they get older we are likely to suggest they have dental sealants applied to their adult back teeth soon after they emerge, providing further protection against tooth decay.

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